Download our current catering menu here!

Enjoy using these coupons on your next catering order!

Follow these steps to place your catering order online (for UNC tax-exempt orders, please call the Deli directly to place your order 919-967-2185):

  1. Go online to
  2. Select the number of each type of sandwich you would like to order. If you are ordering different types of sandwiches, you will need to add each type to your cart separately. (example below)
  3. You can select from different catering styles as well, ranging from individual sandwiches to bag lunches. You will need to make this selection for each set of items you order.
  4. Select your pickup time. When you check out, you will be able to choose the pickup date.
  5. We can accommodate for allergies and dietary restrictions. Write in any allergies or dietary restrictions we should know about.
  6. If you need any gluten free sandwiches, select that option, and be sure to add them to your cart separately from non-gluten free sandwiches.

Here’s an example of how to place an order online: if you want to order 7 turkey subs, 7 Italian subs, and 1 gluten-free Italian sub, increase the quantity to 7 and select Turkey sub, the catering style option, other modifications needed, and add to your cart. Then return to this page and do the same for your 7 Italian subs, add them to your cart, and return to place the order for the one gluten-free Italian sub.

*Catering orders require a 72-hour lead time to allow time to order product, schedule staff, and prepare your order. We appreciate your business!

*For any questions or other needs, please email or call (919) 967-2185